Hey friends! Casually dropping in to announce my first EVER book, A Crown that Lasts, by yours truly! So humbled and grateful to finally share this news with you.

This book, A Crown That Lasts, has been such a labor of love. When I sat down to begin writing it a few years ago, I realized I had so much internal work I still needed to do in order to write the message I felt God was calling me to write. I realized that writing this book was just as much for myself as it was for you all, and it’s something I’m still learning too! The message in A Crown That Lasts isn’t one I feel worthy of sharing, but it is one I feel very called to share. 

You see, when I stood on the stage and handed over my Miss Universe crown to the next, very deserving winner, it felt like I gave away part of my own identity with that crown. I had placed so much of my confidence in a temporary title. The more I dug into this, I realized that so many of us do the same thing. Have you ever rooted a big part of your confidence or identity in something temporary or perishable? 

  • Dig: Recognize the origin of confidence and learn how to unpack your past so you can better understand yourself. 
  • Plant: Seek out and say yes to mission-focused opportunities, even if it feels scary. 
  • Grow: Understand that platform, ability, and skill are pathways to promote purpose, not purpose itself.
  • Flourish: See life through the lens of eternity and your work as an opportunity for eternal impact. 

In this book, I’ll share my roadmap on 

  • How to discover God confidence instead of relying on self-confidence
  • How to turn your pain into purpose
  • How to focus on being present instead of striving for perfection
  • How to recognize the blessing that can come out of being obedient
  • How to strive to have an eternal impact, creating crowns that last for eternity by doing two things well, loving God and loving people. 

My prayer is that God uses my experiences, my stories and the lessons I’ve sometimes had to learn the hard way to help you along your journey to becoming God-confident and discovering your unique purpose too! 

As a gift to my email subscribers, you gain exclusive access to read Chapter One right now! My hope is that you’ll love it as much as I enjoyed writing it and that you’ll accept my invitation to walk alongside you in this journey. Together, let’s unfold the next chapters of our lives with courage, hope and love.

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