Emcee, motivational and Keynote speaker

During my reign as Miss South Africa and Miss Universe, I was able to speak to many different audiences in many different environments. Developing strong public speaking skills has been an important part of my development over the years. Speaking life or hope into others has become a passion of mine. Through my #Unbreakable campaign, I helped spark a community of hope for women all around the world.


Purpose driven business projects

With a degree in Entrepreneurial studies, I am launching several new businesses this year, and I am always looking for new projects that align with my passion and purpose.

Social Influencer

Social media platforms are such a powerful tool in this digital age, therefore I place a tremendous value on representing a brand, company or product. I choose to align with brands that mirror my interests, passion or purpose. If your brand shares these values, I’d love to hear more about it!


IMG worldwide

Boss models SA

Over the last five years I’ve worked with many different brands and companies to help promote their apparel, product or service. During my years in college, I modeled professionally as a way to pay for my Miss South Africa wardrobe and training, which I considered a huge blessing because it opened up so many new opportunities.

I’m passionate about every project I am a part of. I love working with brands and companies that fall in line with my faith, purpose and interests. My goal is always to promote love, leadership and serving others. Below are some ways I can partner with you!

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