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The World Health Organization reports that nearly 1 million homes have been damaged or destroyed since the war in Ukraine began in February. Additionally, temperatures in eastern Europe are dropping as winter steadily approaches, making an already tough situation even worse. Cold-weather necessities are becoming even more important for those seeking shelter. When there is a need, it is our duty to step up and help others. Are you willing to answer the call to help those in their darkest hour of need?

Samuel Bistrian, the Founder of ROMA Boots, did just that – he answered the call and did what he could with what he had to make an impact on the lives of others.

Growing up in Romania, Samuel knows the reality of the harsh winters and the importance of proper winter gear, including a warm pair of boots. He received his first pair of rain boots when he was just 6 years-old. Although they were a pair of hand-me-downs from his eldest siblings, they meant so much to him and allowed him to play in the snow, walk to school and live comfortably in the cold. 30 years ago, Samuel migrated to the U.S. as a refugee from Romania and began working in the fashion industry with a dream to start his own business that had a higher purpose: helping communities back home break the cycle of poverty through aid and education. Samuel ended up selling his belongings (including his car) to be able to start his company, ROMA Boots. Talk about dedication!! He was on a mission to make an impact in his home country, and eventually, around the world.

In 2010, ROMA manufactured 10,000 pairs of boots and did their first ever boot drop in Romania, donating 5,000 pairs of boots. To be able to make an impact on communities in his home country meant so much to Samuel. Flash forward 12 years and ROMA Boots, in partnership with Convoy of Hope, will be back in eastern Europe donating 100,000 pairs of boots to children affected by the war in Ukraine. In fact, the first 50,000 boots arrived in eastern Europe yesterday. How amazing is that?! On Giving Tuesday, too.

For the month of November, ROMA was our Purposeful People partner of the month! I’m so honored to have partnered with such an impactful brand and to join them on their mission this winter. To recap, ROMA Boots is a Buy One, Give One rain boot company based out of Dallas, TX that donates one brand new pair of boots to a child in need for every pair sold. Over the last 12 years, they have donated hundreds of thousands of boots in more than 30 countries around the world. So grateful for all of the work they are doing to help others! Plus, ROMA creates high quality products that are manufactured ethically, versatile, super comfortable and cute.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to come alongside ROMA Boots and Convoy of Hope to see firsthand the hope that these boots bring to children in need. We traveled to Romania and donated warm, colorful rain boots to communities that have been affected by the war in Ukraine. To see the joy on their faces and the little dances they would do after they tried on their boots was truly special, and knowing that 100,000 pairs of boots will be donated this winter to even more children and the great impact it will have on their lives is so moving. I hope these pairs of boots not only provide the physical value of proper footwear in the winter months, but also provide hope and remind them of how loved and valued they are. Not just by us, but by the God of this universe. Check out ROMA Boots here and follow along their mission this winter!

Join us tomorrow, December 1st, at 5 pm EST for an Instagram Live!

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