Everlasting Crown 5-Day Devo

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Hey There, Friends…

In preparation for my 27th Birthday coming up, I’ve partnered with the Tim Tebow Foundation on a birthday fundraiser called Everlasting Crown. As a precursor to the campaign, we are excited to share the release of our latest FREE resource, Everlasting Crown a 5 Day Devotional

A Little About “Everlasting Crown” 
When I won Miss Universe in 2017, it was a life-changing moment for me – one of the greatest honors of my then 22 years. But what I realized so quickly after was that it was more than just a great honor. It was an opportunity.

It was an opportunity to use my new platform to serve as many people as possible…to be a voice for those all around the world who may be unheard. A voice that encourages and empowers others to recognize their true identity in Christ and to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. It was my opportunity to make a difference with the time God’s given me; to pour my life into something that wasn’t just about me.

I no longer hold the title of the reigning Miss Universe. My crown was passed on a year later, and today, a replica sits on a bookcase in my home office. It’s a sweet reminder of a special season and the start of an incredible journey. But ultimately, it serves as a visual cue that my real mission on this earth hasn’t ended. If anything, my calling to love and serve others has only become clearer and stronger, demanding more of my time, focus, and energy.

This is Paul’s mindset in 1 Corinthians 9. He commands believers in Corinth to run after “a crown that will last forever.” It’s something I’ve thought about a lot over the last few years. You see, I worked hard to win that physical crown – adorned with 200 diamonds and 120 pearls – but it was temporary. Without question, it was a great honor and something that brought me so much joy, but it didn’t last (literally—I only had it for a year). An eternal crown – one that is received through making Jesus known, showing genuine love for one another, through service, sacrifice, and Kingdom impact – that is a crown that lasts. That is a crown worth pursuing. That is a crown worth a lifetime of effort.

And so for the next week, I invite you to join me and the Tim Tebow Foundation for just a few minutes each day to take a brief look at the significance of a “crown.” We’ll look into its symbolism, historical impact, why it mattered so much to so many, and why a different perspective matters for those who truly want to reach people for Christ.

It would mean so much for you to join me on this journey!

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