Mission Possible

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One of my favorite things to do in life is to cheer my husband on, and I am so excited to cheer him on as he released his newest book, Mission Possible: Go Create A Life That Counts. To say I’m proud of Tim would be a complete understatement. He truly works so hard to create a life that counts for Jesus and for people, and I am so thrilled to witness the ways that this book will help others do the same. Tim has been on a mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ and bring faith, hope, and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need since he was 15. He fights for those who cannot fight for themselves, he lives with conviction, and he tries to truly follow where God leads him. I’m so grateful to have a front row seat over the last few years and I cannot wait to see how God continues to use Him.

With all of that being said, I want to encourage you guys to know that you don’t have to be famous, or have a huge platform, or start your own foundation to be able to create a life that counts. In fact, most people who are creating lives that count don’t have those things. God will use us with what we have and meet us where we are to equip us with the tools to do what He has called us to do. But you better be ready…because He will use you! Having a clear sense of your unique, God-given mission will ultimately bring you a lasting sense of purpose. The best part is that it’s never too early or too late to start creating a life that counts. Whether you’re 15 years old, or 65 years old, you can discover God’s purpose for your life. Mission Possible will help you: 

  • Identify your priorities  
  • Align your responsibilities
  • Elevate convictions over emotions
  • Make decisive, impactful choices
  • Fuel your drive and passion
  • Set your sights on eternity 

I can tell you guys that this book is not just another motivational book (and no, I am not bias ha!). This book is one that will help you answer one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves: Does my life change other people’s lives for the better? This book is not only one that can change the way you live your life, but could potentially change the way other people live their lives as well. Every single one of us has a chance to make a difference. We have the opportunity, the ability, and the capacity to do something to build the kingdom of God. In Mission Possible, Tim writes, “Never overestimate what you can do by your own power, and never underestimate what God can do when you offer what you have and who you are fully to Him.”So I want to ask you guys: How is your life changing other people’s lives for the better? Be successful in things that matter, but more importantly strive to live a life that is full of significance for the glory of Jesus. Tim says “I know that if I allow success to be used in only a self-fulfilling, self-serving way, I will lack true purpose. Significance, however, is about others – loving and serving people”, and I couldn’t agree more. Tim, I am beyond proud of you and how much hard work you poured into creating this book. I pray it is one that people feel encouraged by, but more importantly I pray it provides those who are seeking to find their purpose with knowledge in knowing that God has already laid it out before them. Go buy your copies of Mission Possible today to start creating a life that counts!

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