A few Lessons from My Dog(s)

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Dogs must be some of the living beings that truly love you more than themselves. They don’t care what you wear. They don’t care what car you drive. They don’t care who you know or where you live … They only care that you’re there. 

As many of you may or may not know, I’m a proud Dog Mom. I have not one, not two, but THREE fur babies. While some may think having three dogs all under the age of two is chaotic, I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband, Tim, and I have both been dog lovers for as long as we can remember. To us, it is so joyful coming home and being greeted by our furry friends and to get slobber all over our black pants… well, maybe not that part.  Soon after the world shut down due to Covid, alongside a big part of the country we felt the urge to get our first dog together as it would be “the perfect time to get a puppy” seeing that we would both be home. Well, my heart was set on (Princess) Paris, our now dalmatian. On the way to picking Paris up, we were informed that she was hearing impared so we decided that we would get her a companion… or two. We welcomed Chunk and Kobe home. Now known as the “The Tebow Pack”,  Paris the Dalmatian, Kobe the Golden Retriever, and Chunk the Bernese Mountain Dog completed the trio. What was supposed to be one puppy to love, turned into THREE, and we truly wouldn’t change it for the world. 

“Welcome, I hope you like doghair!” is usually how I greet my guests these days. Dog hair (and lots of it) is my new sparkle and I honestly love it. Our little pack is the greatest blessing and there’s not a day that goes by where they don’t make me feel like the most special (and loved) woman in the world.  So truly, what does a white couch with black dog hair on it really matter in the bigger scheme of things?! If you’re a dog lover like us, then you know these furry family members provide unconditional love, support, joy and companionship to us humans every single day. It’s a big responsibility to be a pet- parent and I think it’s a common understanding that pet owners are supposed to teach their pets new things, whether it’s something as mundane as how to stay, or something as fun as how to catch treats in the air. What I don’t think is as common, is that our pets teach us just as much, if not more, than we teach them. A few lessons I regularly learn from my dogs:

  1. Be present. One of the most important things that Paris, Chunk, and Kobe have taught me is something so simple, but a great reminder to us all: Whether Chunk is chewing on a treat or Paris is chasing a bird out in the backyard, they aren’t worried about what happened 5 minutes ago. They aren’t concerned about what may happen in the next hour, but rather they are content as can be and enjoying the present moment. 
  2. Love unconditionally. Dogs love unconditionally even when they eat through the mud room walls, lol. Have you ever noticed that dogs instantly forgive even when they get denied a fifth or sixth treat? Loving unconditionally, I’m quickly finding out, is not just a human trait, but one of my Pack’s best traits. I’m not sure what I’d do without their wet, slobbery kisses and tail wags when I walk through the door!
  3. Joy is contagious. Watching my dogs experience something for the first time like seeing another dog on a TV screen, or finding an old tennis ball under one of the kitchen chairs, brings me just as much joy as it brings them. This is because it makes me realize that it really is the little things in life that mean the most!

As Paris grew older, her hearing developed and improved. She still only listens to us occasionally, mainly when the words B-R-E-A-K-F-A-S-T, D-I-N-N-E-R or especially T-R-E-A-T get spoken. We’ll just call that selective hearing. Speaking of treats, Tim and I do our best to choose our pets’ best interest especially when it comes to food. I and Love and You Pet has easily become one of our favorite (and the Tebow Pack’s too!) pet food brands for our fur babies for multiple reasons: all of their products are wheat and gluten free, contain only the best quality ingredients with no “weird stuff” like artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, and are non-GMO! Woo hoo! There’s absolutely nothing more the Tebow Pack loves than waking up in the morning, knowing that they get to have a delicious and hearty (literally — I and Love and You Pet’s kibble is heart shaped!) breakfast. But to be honest, I would too if I were them! On special days, we include some of the Pack’s favorite treats like the “tummy toppers” that provide an awesome boost of probiotics or energy (although three dogs under the age of two don’t really need this one just yet lol). With cooler weather being around the corner in Florida, I love the option of spoiling the pack by simply adding hot water to their “baked and saucy” collection to create a delicious breakfast broth for the pack. 

To keep up with the Tebow Pack and their mischievous ways, be sure to follow them on Instagram @thetebowpack. They’re always sharing tips and tricks, and even share I and Love and You Pet  giveaways from time to time! Speaking of their favorite brand, I am so excited to share the Tebow Pack’s Fall favorites! Be sure to use code: TEBOWPACK20 for 20% off your purchase. I know your fur babies will thank you for it! 

More than anything, I just wanted you guys to know about the Tebow Pack because they are a big part of our world, and well, they are worth knowing! I hope learning a little bit about them and their love for us inspires you to be present today, love unconditionally and make sure to laugh as often as you can! It will not only affect your inner joy, it will also bring joy to those around you. If we could all be a little more like our furry friends, we would all be better for it.

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