My Birthday Wish

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Ministry, Passion & Purpose | 0 comments

I am celebrating my 26th birthday next week! I personally love birthdays because they allow us to celebrate milestones, yearly accomplishments and essentially life itself. Oftentimes birthdays are special because the people in your life get to focus on celebrating YOU. And while this is such a great thing, I wanted to turn the focus this year to something I’m very passionate about. In 2017 after an attempted carjacking my heart was broken for women, men and children worldwide who do not have the opportunity to celebrate life because they don’t have the opportunity to celebrate freedom. This year, I decided to use my birthday to support and celebrate some of the strongest and most courageous women that I’ve ever had the honor of meeting and I hope that you will join me in celebrating them too!

I will be using my 26th birthday to raise a goal amount of $26,000 and fight alongside my husband, Tim, the Tim Tebow Foundation, and one of their anti-human trafficking ministries Her Song, which is specifically focused on survivor care in the United States. With a mission of ending human trafficking one life at a time, Her Song deploys a holistic approach to survivor care, providing every woman who walks through the doors of their safe homes with not only a safe place to shelter and other physical necessities, but also with the counseling and spiritual care that is so critical to full restoration. 

It has been estimated that over 40 million people worldwide are currently trapped in human trafficking. 40 million image bearers of God who need hope, who need freedom, who need a home. Across the United States alone, hundreds of thousands of victims are trapped in this great evil and yet recent reports indicate there are only approximately 1,800 beds available for survivorsYes, you read that right, there aren’t enough safe beds available right now to house even 1% of human trafficking survivors in the US if they were to be rescued.

The severe lack of safe space for those who need it most is incomprehensible. It’s something that so many of us take for granted every single day; but for so many others, it’s a sobering reality with few solutions. I truly believe we can all help turn the statistics around – one life at a time.

Together with your support, we can make a life changing impact. Let’s be the hands and feet of God, who created each of these survivors in His image. He loves them with a perfect love, and has a good plan for each of their lives. Together, we can help give them a chance to be free to live a life where they will not only live to survive but to truly thrive. 

As you read above, we set out to raise a goal amount of $26,000, but you guys, in less than two days since launching this birthday campaign, we have already surpassed that goal! I’m completely blown away and humbled by the response to join in this fight for these women’s freedom through Her Song. Due to this overwhelming generosity, we have decided to DOUBLE the goal to $52,000!

Will you please help me in bringing much needed shelter, physical and spiritual care, love, joy, purpose, hope and healing to these courageous, strong and resilient women? 


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