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I’m so excited to share Purposeful People with you! I started Purposeful People because I’m passionate about brands that provide great products or services while also making a positive impact in the world. Over the last year, the brands I have partnered or collaborated with knew my stance on ethical and purposeful business, including fair trade, fair wages, clean products, ethical sourcing and fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. Working with and talking to these brands gave me a glimpse into how they do business with a deeper purpose in mind, and that purpose is to love people. This sparked an idea in me: What if I could find a way to champion these brands while inspiring others to live with a deeper purpose too? That’s when I decided to create Purposeful People. I hope that by putting a spotlight on purposeful people and brands, I can encourage more buyers to shop more consciously while also inspiring other brands to choose to love and put people first too.

Brand Spotlight

For September, the Purposeful People brand of the month is Ithemba, an ethically-sourced brand, promoting handcrafted goods from Southern Africa Artisans.































Purposeful People’s three


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Become a Purposeful People Partner

What is the Purposeful People Partnership?

Through heavy vetting and review of your application, our team strategically chooses which brands to work with each month. Demi will spotlight your brand throughout an entire month through several forms of media. Her team will create an all-inclusive content plan to highlight you and/or your brand in an organic and authentic way. We see the Purposeful People Partnership as a better way to work alongside incredible brands and people to increase brand exposure with more impact than a one-off post or collaboration. We want to bring value to you and continue the ripple effect of brands choosing to do good in the world.

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