Free yourself from society’s
expectations and find
your true identity.

Your Roadmap to Finding A Crown that Lasts


Recognize the origin of
confidence and learn
how to unpack your
past so you can better
understand yourself.


Seek out and say yes
to mission-focused
even if it feels scary.


Understand that
platform, ability, and
skill are pathways to
promote purpose, not
purpose itself.


See life through the
lens of eternity and your
work as an opportunity
for eternal impact.

In a Crown that lasts, readers will learn how to:

  • Discover God-confidence instead of relying on self-confidence.
  • Turn your pain into purpose and trials into triumphs.
  • Focus on being present rather than striving for perfection.
  • Recognize the blessing that can come out of being obedient.
  • Strive to have an eternal impact to create crowns that will last for eternity by doing two things well: loving God and loving people.



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Demi is a founder of The Tebow Group, a talent management firm, multi-family office, and creative agency. As an entrepreneur, influencer, model, and philanthropist Demi-Leigh Tebow utilizes her platforms as Miss South Africa and Miss Universe to educate and inspire on a global scale. While traveling the world and representing South Africa on an international stage, she witnessed the universal need for every individual to be heard, loved, and valued.

Always a community-minded leader, Tebow aims to leverage her platform to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. After surviving an attempted carjacking, she founded the #Unbreakable Campaign to educate and empower women by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to be able to handle dangerous situations. Tebow shares her passion for living a values-driven life, her purpose inspired by her faith in God, and her insights about making an impact in sought-after keynotes and conversations.

Demi-Leigh lends her philanthropic vision to the Tim Tebow Foundation, raising awareness for the fight against human trafficking and supporting children with profound medical needs, among other impactful mission work. She is also an entrepreneur creating and representing products in the beauty, lifestyle, and wellness industry.

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